iSailRace - Features and benefits including online regatta scoring, event management and race results for sail racing events

Features and Overview


iSailRace is a free web based application designed to make the results from sailing races more accessible. We do this by making the setup and scoring of the event easier for the organizer, allowing them to get off the water and score the event faster than ever before. Combined with a login for each sailor, providing a profile with links to all the events they have raced in. All this within one website...for FREE. It's our thanks to you for growing the sport of sailing.


  • • Simple, Fast and Efficient: From event creation, to scoring, to viewing the results in minutes.
  • • Increase Participation: Public registration lists and organized event management lead to bigger events.
  • • Accept Pre-Registrations: Stop scrambling at registration, the sailors will come to you with their details provided.
  • • Multiple Rating Systems: We currently support the OneDesign, Portsmouth, PHRF, SCHRS and Texel rating systems. Others are in development but the weather's been too nice.
  • • Fleets: Segment the boats into fleets and score the fleets individually all within the same event or race series.
  • • Online Payment: Accept online payment of registration fee's for your Regattas & Events.
  • • Crew Access: Provide your crew access to results as well. After all, they do all the work, don't they?
  • • Sail Smarter: Using the analytics provided with iSailRace, you'll be watching the right competitors and sailing smarter.
  • • Cloud Based: Our application is entirely cloud based. We do not require any installation, support all major browers and mobile devices.
  • • Much More: We are constantly innovating, so come back often.

Why we built it

iSailRace was built by sailors, for sailors. We are the kind of sailors who spend the "drifters" in-front of a computer screen writing code. We were tired of waiting for our results, and then trying to decipher trends in our sailing performance. We saw our friends slave over scoring our events using other scoring software, and we wanted to give them their lives back. We love sailing, we love software, and we thought others would enjoy seeing what we've built. So go ahead, enjoy!

Getting Started

Getting started with iSailRace is easy. You can create an account for free. After the creation of your user account it's easy to create an event from add event tab on the event screen. If you have any questions please send us a note and we'll help you out. We have folks on our team who can help get your event, club, or race series on-boarded on the software. We look forward to working with you.


"Our club users appreciate not having to wait for the race results. The Wednesday race series participation has grown significantly thanks in-part speedy scoring."

- Jon Drewhurst

"Since iSailRace.com runs via the cloud, there is no install. We've scored whole events from the comittee boat via an iPhone and iPad. Welcome to the 21st century!"

- Sam Kennedy

"iSailRace allowed me to run a club race, score the competitors and provide the results to users faster than the installation and setup of most other scoring products."

- Kelly Wilkenson

"Accepting pre-registrations for our events simplified event management and reduced the number of volunteers needed. Sure we still accept walk-ups but the majority of our fleet sign-up and pay their registration via iSailRace.com"

- William Hogan